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My beautiful daughter

Is all grown up! A belated livejournal happy birthday to my big 17 year old babyklingon

And transfer is now complete http://archiveofourown.org/users/BabyKlingon/pseuds/BabyKlingon/works


Happy birthday!

To loves_books - I hope you have a fantastic day! xxx

belated birthday wishes!

I have missed more of my flist in my stress.

So, timberwolfoz, complexlight, fortesomniare, guinevere_81, princess_aleera and koscheisigma -
I hope you all, every one of you, had a fantastic day with loved ones, presents you wanted, and cake, and all your birthday wishes came true.

And I wish the same for you tomorrow ladyasprin

It was okay!

Thank you everyone who has sent messages and comments of good will, and who was thinking of me today <3

BK has has enhanced rate daily living and standard rate mobilitity with her PIP. I believe this means she will qualify for extra on the child tax credit too. Which means I can continue to pay for her tutor, her therapist, taxis when she is too till to walk/take the bus and not use my own DLA, so have money to pay for prepared veg, ready meals and takeways so we can eat a bit more than mostly chips and baked beans on toast :)

Thank you again.

The downside is there is no guarantee her disabled bus pass will be replaced when it expires on her 17th birthday, and given the stress and meltdown and self-harm that went on all night before she had to catch a bus before 9am on her own last week at the fear of talking to a bus driver, of asking for the correct fair, and worst of all, dealing with money and change, she won't travle alone and lose independance is we can't somehow find a way roung this. the only way is to contact Oxfordshire City Council and see if the anxiety and stress and the fact she just will lose her independence and has enhaunced daily living and standard rate mobility with no actual physical impairment. But I'm done fighting for disabled rights for now. it can wait til the end of August.

As for my own transfer, when I was givne an indefinite award of DLA - who knows, the UNCHR has issued its report on the human rights abuses of disabled persons over the past six years, and a new govt is dealing with it, perhaps we won't have to be reassessed, those of us who had been previously given it for life!

Happy birthday!

To fortesomniare

I hope you had a great day and all your birthday wishes come true



If anyone on here in England and Wales and has any experience/an intelligent clinical eye and understanding of welfare rights and/or law please please please help us! I'll travel to meet you!

I have a date for the 20th July. it is for the first appeal, the one that is supposed to be lapsed, I don't have any evidence for it regards mobility, nor the vertigo, as I accepted their decisions on that and the outreach worker prepared another submission for the second appeal. the DWP gave me backdated award money and haven't demanded it back, and then stopped paying and haven't informed the court of anything.
I have a bundle that refers to the second appeal so I can't even tweak the submission to include mobility and vertigo as I won't have the correct page numbers.

Help! There are no organizations with funding/staff/time or Bk falls through the net being 16 not 15 or over 18!!!!

Cold Summer

Set six years ago this bank holiday weekend, written from a month later, posted just over five years ago, it was the saviour of my sanity, as you'll see if you read the angry notes!


I am really beginning to think I'll never be capable of writing properly again. I tried a bit of Rare and Precious Chain yesterday and my memory and concentration just would not function!

Writing Meme

stolen from barcardivodka and complexlight

the meme...Collapse )

Well, that was interesting. I've done this really to clarify my thoughts and get optomistic that I will, again, one day write regulary and be happy and finish all my WIPs. Sorry if I came across a bit judgy!

(It's a bit rushed too, as I have a whining child demanding to be fed and wanted to get it done in one go - sorry if I offended anyone! Please, do comment...)



Is anyone else having problems with AO3 today? It keeps freezing then vanishing!

Bloody typical, the one day I'm both well enough, have enough mental spoons and have free time, it's down!

Urgent help needed!

Can any of my UK flist on here with any knowledge of autism and child protection, domestic violence and chilkd protection, and the social services in general, contact me immediately.

It's happening again, the SS have totally the wrong information, are not listening or accepting evidence and are pushing us to something that will harm BK, like with the flexi schooling back in 2010 - only worse, it will trigger exactly what they believe they will prevent: her father turning up to the house with threatening behaviour. Once BK stops texting him, he'll forget about her, but send him court papers etc, he will get aggressive.

The CAB have told me to call the SS's bluff and tell them I will not see a solictior for an injuction (they also advise if i have to go ahead, it is a non molestation order I will need, not an injunction, as that will achieve nothing in protecting my daughter, and that is more complex and wil require both of us in court).

I can't get hold of her therapist, who has spoken to one social worker. I keep trying Women's Aid, who might have experience, but no luck.

The social worker from the Hub is not in. the separate social worker who called, unaware of the Hub, didn't give me his name. And as if goes on I get too scared to tell them NO!!!


I just want to try to get into a routine of getting her to do her balance therapy, her new physiotherapy, take her meds on time, her education, and her acting with my limited 'spoons'. And to deal with all the meltdowns coming from her upset at giving up courses, being more ill, and the PIP assessment - whch triggered her to run out of the house (and get on a bus to Wycombe as she had no money for Starbucks, and then somehow decide she didn't want to worry her Nanny so go to her father's, who took her phone and prevented her from leaving)

Btw, the police here felt there was no need for SS involvement and were satisfied it was a one off and I could keep her safe. this is all tick boxing from bureaucrats that led to this threat - from a no names consultation too, and from a well meaning Wycombe officer who wanted us to have support - which probably exists in Buckinghamshire through council funded charities, but there is nothing in Oxfordshire - you could be dyuiing of cancer with 4 kids, 2 on the spectrum and you'd get nothing, The last respite for non verbal, low functioning kids closed 6 months ago. and still 70 million cuts to come...



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