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Back here (I think....)

Okay, so my puter is all better now. After its mega motehrboard and fan transplants which took so long why...? Lack of money, no help and no car I think. Boy, was I scared picking up the all better desk top and balacning it on my lap on my wheelchair all the way home. And there are angels, real angels, here on LJ Lewis community. You guys know who you are. Thank you so much for the laptop. Babyklingon uses it all the time and now I have the desktop back we can be on-line at the same time. Not fights and compromises. And she can write any time she likes. No more scribing :)

So, updates:

Babyklingon: School went down hill about seven weeks ago, three weeks before the end of term. I put it down to Christmas and sickness in the staff - lots of supply teachers who didn't understand her needs but this term the problems have continued and her phobia and anxieties have worsened. I have a meeting today. I could say until yesterday I was so proud of her, as she stayed still without a fight even though she had no off button, no ability to sleep all vacation. She'd come home from school and go on the trampoline or use the new punch back instead of banging head, throwing furniture or htting me. But yesterday, she attacked me when I insisted she go to school and then out of guilt banged her head. This is all bad but I've been told I was too complacent. It is one endless, uphill battle to get your child's autism recognized and understood and his/her needs met in school. School will let it slide at a moment's notice. It's probably money. Two days ago another girl slashed her wrists in a school toilet so there is definitely pressure on Learning Support and Pupil Services, but why should my daughter slide through the cracks?

Me: ME/CFS worse than it's been for eight years. Don't speak to me of how hard and exhausting everything is that people take for granted. Doing this means I won't be able to watch TV tomight as too much screen gives me a headache. Brushing teeth and washing face - back to bed or not do it if I have to get dressed and go somewhere. Amazingly lucky if I get the energy to shower. Baths easier but I fall asleep. Not good. And the pain, oh, I had forgotten the pain, the shakes, the way you actually vibrate... yuk yuk yuk. Won't dwell.

Christmas: Don't even go there. Due to the situation with my grandparents we didn't get to stay with my Mum as usual. I forced myself to do Christmas dinner (veggie style, chestnut, mushroom and vegan 'stilton' gf pie) with all the trimmings and so totally exhausted myself we didn't eat properly or I wash or dress for the rest of the week. House got covered ankle deep in paper, cardboard, chalks, pastels, arcylic paint (oh the carpet), felt tips (oh the sofa!), bits of material, needles, pins, Barbies, Happy Land... think a 5 foot, 10 stone toddler with teenage attitude left unsupervised and bored...

But, we like Gunfight and there has been lots of lovely Lewis fic and other fic that has been gen and I've been able to share. And we liked Endeavour too.

Well, my friends, long time no hear. I hope all you guys had better Christmases and New Years than us and got lots of lovely pressies (a pan set, I ask you!) and your health has been kind to you. If anyone wants to tell me how their holiday period has been, drop me a comment or pm. xxx


Jan. 11th, 2012 04:31 pm (UTC)
So sorry to hear that you've been having a difficult time. Awesome news about the laptop though! I can definitely attest to there being amazing people in fandom. One of my closest friends sent me a rare Richard Dean Anderson, MacGyver era autograph, last year. It was something I wanted since I was 14 years old.

Gunfight was amazing, wasn't it?! I have listened to it so many times, I love it. Apparently there are multiple more songs coming next week too! Needless to day, I am very excited!

I've been hearing good reviews about Endeavour. I wasn't sure about it, initially, but seeing Colin Dexter and the writing team from Lewis in on it has made me more confident that it will be very good. I am *dying* to see it, but it looks unlikely that we will get it on free-to-air tv in Australia for at least a year, probably more! (I actually didn't even know it aired until a friend of mine mentioned it to me yesterday!)

Please send BK my best wishes. I hope that 2012 will be an amazing year for both of you. :)
Jan. 12th, 2012 10:59 am (UTC)
We were nervous about watching, especially BK, but it was good. it had that nostagia, historical feel too, which added to the atmosphere. I won't say anymore as you will see it eventually.

Best wishes for you too x



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