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You won't believe this part 3

The stupid registrar

BK was seen over a fortnight. We were clearly told that if the pain got worse to phone and could be seen earlier than 3 months. She did not order bloods to be done. She did not examine BK. she did not check with the senior consultant.

She told us to stop the ibrufopen but gave us no alternative. Put her on a proton pump inhibitor and talked as if the pain were caused by the side effects of the pain relief Bk was taking for the pain in the first place.

She said no sugar, salt or fat at all but never gave us any advice. We still await the referral to a dietican - if she has made the referral at all!

A week later she phoned to say the senior consultant was reviewing her cases and BK needed a full bloodworks screening to test for a whole range of rare liver and genetic conditons as even if she had gained weight rapidly over the past three years since she was nine it was very unlikely to have caused such NAFL so quickly in one so young!

The GP and I still await, 18 days later, any written report. Our copeis from the neurologist arrived on Saturday, 8 days after BK was seen in their clinic, and granted BK was seen after the neurology a second time in gastroentology for the bloods surely we could expect the paperworl back by now?

I phoned about the severity of BK's pain and had the young doctor realsied how autisitc children may not show it and it is hard to recognize how much pain they are in (I still find it difficult) but also, following the TAC and the proximity of prosecution, to chase the paperwork and even if to see if they could sign her off sick, which would trigger visits from a state home tutor for 5 hours a week.

This was the voicemail I received from the secretary: " have spoken to Dr. --- about all we have discussed re your daughter's schooling difficulties and the severity of the pain and she told me to tell you feel the pain is that bad you must take her to A&E. If you feel this is not satisfactory or you have any other concerns over this answer please don't hestitate to contact me again." I got the impression from her tone of voice the secretary was non too impressed.

On Friday I left a message, as the secretary was not in, saying I most certainly was not happy, it was not just the question of the pain, I was flollowiing up a direction from the Team Around the Child to get written information and that I should at least have had a letter by now, as should the GP. The pain was keeping her off school and I was close to a prosecution and I needed written evidence. To take a child - let alone an autitic chiild - to A&E to wait 3-4 hours to be seen for what -? She can't tolerate any pain relief licenced for children and she ws already under the gastro team and we would be referred back there and what were we doing wasting tehre time?!

I intend to ring 9am tomorrow morning.
Tags: daughter, disability rights, mysterious illness, stupidity
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