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From hope to despair...

So, five days on the melatonin is not working and CAMHS want her to stop :(

After the TAC and all the positive support from her future school, therapist and autism outreach, CAMHS want to get social services back involved in the misguided belief I'll get a larger personal budget to pay for extra care and home help...

I an AU where the bubble didn't burst and we didn't have a misguided govt, an AU where Keynes and Brown are respected and understood rather than the mad faith in 'the market'...

Why is it I use the same coping strategies of every other parent with a kid on the spectrum but I'm criticized for it?

Because I don't have a husband and own home? Is the wheelchair, the council house, the benefits, the single parentness? Because I have more bleeping qualifications then most of those who patronize me, but Oxford degrees in social sciences don't count when you're a cripple in social housing on welfare, you must have had a brain transplant and be thick...

Or maybe it's just because she's a girl, therefore she can't be that aggressive, that difficult, that far on the spectrum?

Don't know, but I'm fed up with having to justify my parenting because I'm ill with mobility problems and my daughter is autistic. Meanwhile, other kids are neglected and abused every day by nice, middle class parents and social services do nothing...

I know what will happen. We'll be assessed, patronized, criticized and then told there is nothing in the budget to assist in 'my parenting role'... Been there, done that, worn the T-shirt so many times before...

Probably writing Lewis/Hathaway fanfic is in some way not right in a parent too, if letting her fall asleep eventually downstairs to Lewis DVDs is wrong!  Because we all live in la la land where a nice bath, hot milky drink, bed time story and strict routine will get her to sleep just like she's neurotypical, because that never crossed my mind in the last 12 years, did it?
Tags: autism, disability rights, inspector_lewis, lewis/hathaway, not sleeping
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