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Not to be confused with my Lewis/Hathaway story of the same name over here But I double my dedication to all staff at the JR A&E on the notes. Triple it!

Spent last night at the JR. My daughter was as hyper, anxious, aggressive, self harming (ie hitting head on wall) and biting me and suddenly she started to have what looked like a fit. this happened three times, the last time instead of bouncing back to the challenging behaviour she was groggy and then threw up.

I phoned the out of hours GP who told me to phone an ambulance. Very scary.

We waited in a ghost town of the Children's A&E for hours for the paediatric  neurologist. empty because the new Children's Hospital at the John Radcliffe is full and they are diverting and sending all children to Milton Keynes!!! Even if you drive that's far, almost another planet.

Thankfully it was some extreme form of anxiety and not epilepsy or a bleed on the brain as the GP suggested!

So, here I am, exhausted, a child sleeping all day, who won't sleep at night anyway and I had to still speak to the Autism Outreach Service (lots of promising stuff and support for September there)  so I can't sleep, so...


Writing Lewis fanfic, hoping Lewis DVDs will keep her still tongiht, coz she she ain't gonna sleep.

Why couldn't they have been filming this morning? After all, discharged at 3.30, no money for a taxi, daughter too hyper to sit in waiting room for over two hours 'til first bus to city centre so we walked.... Yes, walked, obviously my powered wheelchair didn't fit in the ambulance, so I took my dear old rollator. It took us two hours, lots of stopping. Well, how can I walk everyone will ask? Well I can, painfully and slowly with a cost. the cost will come in two days, normally. The pain is already here, like nothing on Earth, but in a day or so the ME energy exchange will kick in and walking even to the toilet from the bed will be next to impossible for two to three days. Oh the joys of balancing the needs to pace severe ME and the need to care for an autistic daughter!

The High was bizarre, the sky beautiful. It was like walking in an episode of Lewis - fresh clean sky, hardly any traffic and few people.

But cold. Isn't it cold for June?

Why doesn't the nexus point wormhole of all Oxfordshire outside the Radcliffe Camera work for real, like in Lewis. Oh, to walk at the barrier really determined and end up at the end of our street!

And oh why couldn't they have been filming? Lewis DVDs keep her a bit still, but imagine the impact of Lewis (Kevin Whately) telling her to go to bed every night and stay there until morning (unless you need the loo! - be precise, she needs precision!!!) every night, without fail.

And an autograph from the boys might make the asparagus' mama smile too :)
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