August 1st, 2012

We are a bit happier

The gluten has passed from BK's system and I would say 90% of the depression and self harm and violence was down to the gluten flooding her system. Apparently some people on the spectrum have a 'leaky gut' and the peptides in the gluten leak into the blood stream having a sort of simulant effect :(

Miracle of miracles, I have found the original hand written notes of the Molly future fic :) Just need energy and time to type it back into the file and back up until I post.

Today I am totally exhausted and was all set for a snooze, a bath and a bed rest with a good book but my neighbour has other ideas so I'm on the pc with my music on shuffle as I couldn't pick an album or make a play list as I'm that exhausted decisions are beyond me. Praying the noise stops soon. Certainly in no state for chapter 6 of The Lower Depths or retyping Journey To The Seaside.

Yesterday we went to Milton Keynes. Ever since the fake KW tweeted and BK looked up the real one on Wikipedia she has been curious about the place. Not helped by me - and apologies to any MK dwellers, but my grandfather was excited by the new town back in the 1970s when I was small and we often went there so I told her it a) looked like a huge set off a 1960s/70s SF movie and b) had one of the first American type shopping malls and had two miles of indoor shopping. So first of all let me back name check Stagecoach Oxford and their lying website that claimed the X5 Oxford-Cambridge is disabled access and friendly. A rude driver told us that you had to book on line 24 hours in advacne, which the website did not say at all. he insisted it did. I'd only checked it two hours before and it most certainly did not. However, the coach was just a coach and BK wanted to know how 24 hours warning could get a disabled person and their wheelchair up steep steps and down a now aisle. Despite my explaining she was high functioning autistic and not rude and it was a valid question the driver swore at her. so Stagecoach - bad website, bad driver! However, MK was in the Plan so we figured out a bus to Aylesbury and then to MK, in just over 2 hours, about the same time as the coach going via Bicester and Buckingham. and with our disabled bus passes, for free. So, sod Stagecoach, we got there for free via Arriva and disabled access low liner buses! We are going back with money :) The market alone was awesome, a mini Southall, which is not doable in a wheelchair easily. And the main thing is a got a cardy to go with my new dress to wear to the LF gig, if I don't bottle, and ilovewales is still happy to take me.

And the day before, so exhausted after days of the gluten crazed BK, she suggested a bus adventure where she would read and listen to her MP3 and I could doze and we ended up in Wokingham, which is the worst town for public toilets. Oxford may have the worse, nasty metal stalls and be smelly and dirty but at least we have them. So we went to Costa and I didn't really have the money but the barrista said would I like to use my points so I said, yes please, thinking one drink would be free, but hey, all of it was, including the babychino for the little Ewok (okay, I know that is crazy, but hey, it's only 50p and extra calcium is always good) and they were perfectly chilled about us eating out M&S gluten free salads with out drinks. And in Reading, in the hippy shop, I got a lovely little Indian dress cheap to wear at the gig. Purple is supposed to make you feel confident, and if not, I can always blend in with Henrietta ;)

And as for food, well we can't afford the Mission at the moment, but we discovered (or rediscovered, the dishonourable Klingon and I ate their as students) Kebab Kid who do chick pea curry and rice with salad on the side for just under three quid and pakoras for £1.50, all gluten and dairy free. We ate both nights for under eight quid.

Talking of the Klingon father, have spoken to him and it is bad: BK's grandmother is in Harefield but not well enough for he surgery but too ill to be moved back to her local hospital. When BK was a my Mum's 10 days ago she made a card and a pressie and my step dad took photos of BK and printed them out but the Klingon said she was so out of it she couldn't really focus but he is sure she appreciated it. For the first time in 20 years he is not fasting. Worn out with being her sole carer for months he has caught two of the inficetions she has and is on strong antibiotics. the house will be sold when she is gone and he cannot get on the council waitng list until it is and his brothers and sister won't give him a home. nor can I but I feel for him. His sister has done nothing at all, leaving him to even buy her underwear and nighties and yet is demanding her gold jewellery she wants for him for BK as she has been told about BK being AS. Family politics, eh? I feel for him but I think it is general level compassion one feels for anyone in this situation. I don't care a fig for the gold for us one way or the other, but if he can have it and his sister (an accountant with a husband account, rolling in money) won't nab it he can sell it a pay for a deposit on a flat and then sort out benefit and stuff, can't he?

Hey, this shuffle thing is good - I'm rediscovering all sorts of CDs that were my father's I ripped in ages ago :D You know, last week he would have been 72!!! But he was only 54 when we lost him. now, he was a man who would have appreciated Hathaway's 'guy's in the band' quip. he loved those guys. He loved poetry, especially thos guys plus Wordsworth and contempory radical poets of the left.