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Sick of Oxfordshire as a govt testing ground

I am getting heartily sick of Oxfordshire being a testing ground. I only wanted a GP to check BK's ears but 111 - the new combined Out of hours GP, NHS Direct and non urgent ambulances means you speak to someone untrained who takes you through a non relevant check list - are they breathing? have they been bleeding heavily in the last 30 minutes? etc and then a computer tells them what to do. If the computer says dunno you speak to a clincian with little training. And they normally dispatch a paramedic. So, irrelavant questions lead to admitting BK bangs head due to stress of pain - she's autistic and this is normal for kids on the spectrum. 'You sound tired' Well I am. ME+autism+broken ankle+distressed child+tired single parent+phoning them=social services referal. Paramedic phones back and says we have a possible ear infection and needs to see out of hours GP - why I f-ing phoned in the first place with a child with ear ache, head ache, high temperature and discharge from ear but computer say dischrge from ear plus headache mean serious head injury!!!! WTF. I hope this 111 trial fails. It's stupid. It lacks all human common sense. Computers have no capacity for lateral thinking and it seems to me people in call centres - probably to preserve their sanity or keep their job, park their ability to think out side of the box and all common sense at the door. Like this idiot on the housing association repairs call centre a couple of years ago. The door jammed and the lock froze in place so we couldn't open the front door. This was a Sunday and so not urgent and it could be a week. She kept asking me if I had a back door and I kept saying yes, but my wheelchair couldn't get out the back way as there was no ramp. In bizarre Monty Pythonesque logic this went on for minutes 'Yeah, but the back door opens and gets you out onto the street?' 'But there is no ramp and I can't get my wheelchair out of the back door' and round and round and round until I said, 'Look, I'm disabled, I'm a wheelcahir user, ther backdoor has no ramp' and she said, 'Oh, you're disabled, that means you have priority, I can get someone roung today'. I had to use the word as her wiring obviously couldn't link the work wheelchair to the fact that a persn who using a wheelchair is disabled.'

Anyway, four days after my birthday I'm obviously turning into a grumpy old woman. I'm also parking my fear and anxiety regarding the social services referral to one side as hopefully, like the one the school made in July, it will fall on someone's desk and tey will shrug and write and tell me there is nothng they can do. Or we have a phone call and I say I only wanted her ears looked into and you don't have to have ME to be awake with a sick and injured child in the early hours when you've been up since 7.30 to be tired and I have money from my care plan to pay for respite - someone will sit with BK a couple of hours several afternoons a week to give me a bit of bedrest/me time and they will leave me alone. of course, if it lands on the desk of the prejudiced, narrow minded bigot who thinks ME a mental illness and autism caused by bad parenting then life will get even harder.

Seriously, my life, no one could make this up.

And while I'm moaning about trials -  bread is now a luxury item as Oxfordshire trials non prescribing of gf products. We simily can't afford to buy bread as a basic staple. Of course the long term health implications of poor stupid coeliacs just eating bread will take years longer than this trial.
 NB This has gone randomly into bold for no reason and won't come out - apologies :(
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