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help for babyklingon - previously posted in the Lewis com

Can everyone help spread the word. I know a lot of my friends have far more friends than I do in the com and on LJ :) I had hoped that the mods would be more generous with their time, perhaps leave my entry up for a whole day, but they only kept it up barely eight hours :(


Hi - forgive me, I know this is not Lewis related at all but even if the mods keep this up for one day perhaps someone will be able to help. BK is obviously the youngest member of the Lewis com, well honourary member, through me, and perhaps the Lewis com mascot?

I was wondering if
1/ Anyone in the Oxford/South Oxfordshire area had an hour or two a week to spare who had expertise and/or interest in any of the following: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English Lang and Lit, Geography, ICT and DT, and
2/ Anyone at all who could recommend good resources for the above both idiots guides for adults and teaching resources for KS3 (11-14) and any teaching resourses, websites and guides to homeschooling secondary education at all, and especially resources, guides and information on motivating a child on the spectrum and helping a child overcome anxiety.

If anyone can help please PM me. And mods - please forgive me for overstepping the boundaries of the com rules.

You can probably tell, I'm desperate to get her an education. The lack of funding and erosion of support in the state system leaves me terrified she'll just end up unable to function and hold down a job as an adult. I know that we here in the Lewis com are a highly educated bunch so I hope that at least one person will have some way of helping/advising.
Tags: daughter, homeschooling
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