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I have made the decision to home school from next term. Will seek legal advice after the event if any more spiteful referrals to the child and family social work team or if the Inclusion and Attenance people continue with prosecute. I can no longer risk my daughter's mental health and education like this. I can spend all my 'spoons' forcing her to school, where is she no longer engaging at all academically, and deal with the after effects of being unsupported in such a huge school. Or I can spend my 'spoons' buiding a confidence building and academic tools building curriculum for a year before getting in touch with Oxford Home School. They look awesome, check them out


Anyone who offered help over home schooling please message me or comment here to remind me. We are off to our usual caravan park in Sussex for half term so I'll be in touch afterwards.


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Oct. 24th, 2012 01:31 pm (UTC)
You sound happier for having made a decision, which is great. Sometimes events push us to that point and when we look back we are glad they did.
Remember that you do not have to follow any set curriculum or exam syllabus if you homeschool and I understand that universities do take homeschoolers with no formal qualifications. When I flexischooled the youngest in Y6 we used it as an opportunity for him to improve his independent research skills and to explore mathematical problems and puzzles not on the curriculum. It also made it easier for me, as I was the one ferrying him between home, the maths group at the secondary school and school. At the end of term we sat in Pizza Hut after maths group discussing an alien's perspective on our life or something similar and I initially felt guilty ( my default setting) but then it was freeing. He was learning, he had one-to-one attention, but he was enjoying the conversation as well as the fact that he could stuff himself at the buffet! Obviously, it can be different for secondary level, but it may be worth thinking over the next year about how caught up you want to get in the exam treadmill. You could always pick a few GCSEs or A Levels.
Enjoy your holiday.
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