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I have made the decision to home school from next term. Will seek legal advice after the event if any more spiteful referrals to the child and family social work team or if the Inclusion and Attenance people continue with prosecute. I can no longer risk my daughter's mental health and education like this. I can spend all my 'spoons' forcing her to school, where is she no longer engaging at all academically, and deal with the after effects of being unsupported in such a huge school. Or I can spend my 'spoons' buiding a confidence building and academic tools building curriculum for a year before getting in touch with Oxford Home School. They look awesome, check them out

Anyone who offered help over home schooling please message me or comment here to remind me. We are off to our usual caravan park in Sussex for half term so I'll be in touch afterwards.
Tags: daughter, homeschooling
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