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English PCC elections today

Is anyone on on here voting? My Granddad, who as many of you know, has spent his whole life serving the community and committed to democracy, is not voting as he thinks its a sham. I've just looked at the candidates here in the Thames Valley and the only one talking sense in terms of opposing privatization and outsourcing as well as protecting front line services and community policing is the UKIP candidate and - um, ergh!

I believe in always voting - it is our best guarantee of freedom, but um, we've had no information from any of the candidates or much in the way of explanation about these elections from the media. In the meantime this Con-Dem govt has cut expenditure so much and is privatizing so much and what can one person who will recieve £80, 000 a year do?

So I'm in a quandary, having to chose between UKIP, spoiling my ballot paper or not voting at all!!!


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Nov. 15th, 2012 07:47 pm (UTC)
Voted this evening about 6pm and they had had awful turnout -less than 100 people- in an area with a lot of older people, often more committed to voting.
Decided that not voting could open up the way for political candidates, who may be able to get the party people to vote, and I firmly believe that the police should be apolitical and that includes the commissioner.
Luckily that left 6 independents in this area.
I only realised today that you get a first and second choice but nothing tells you what happens with the second choice vote.
Nov. 15th, 2012 09:36 pm (UTC)
Well, with BK not only not sleeping last night but completely wired with an allergic response to gluten I didn't wake up til late, struggled to get us fed and BK to her therapist, collapsed with exhaustion and got a taxi home - and oh, look, it's half an hour 'til the polls close, BK has had a sedative, it's cold and I realy don't feel up to going out in my powered chair. so not voting by default.

We had two independants, one looked a real nutter and the other no real experience. the Labout candidate looked like nice but dim Tim and would just do as Party told, the Lib-Dem was very keen to emphasize his lack of involvement with the companies tendred with privitization and outsourcing which made one suspicious!

Too late now, I with a MA in the Politics of Democracy, life long cmapaigner for human rights and democracy have not bovvered! Ashamed of myself really. But there you go. However I vote, the Tory will win, we won't get our police and CPSOs bad on the estate and the anit social behaviour will continue to rise :(

I keep wondering in a sad fangirl way, how Robbie Lewis would vote!
Nov. 16th, 2012 09:16 am (UTC)
Don't feel guilty, I imagine a lot of people with a lot less to deal with than you practically went past their polling stations and didn't bother. I think a lot of people stayed away in protest.
My parents, lifelong voters, were not going to go as they felt they knew too little, but when they came over yesterday ( busy week!) we ended up looking at the websites.

Because our police area is very big, covering 2 counties, we had 10 candidates, but even then there were only 2 independents who seemed to have the right attitude, which made the decision easier.

Very busy day, then on the way back from voting we stopped by the shop and the car wouldn't start. Battery gone probably because it gets so little use ESP now T away. J had to walk home, get his car, take me home, then take B to help jump start it after tea.
So today Mum is coming over again (hour trip each way) to take me to Drs for a blood test, as it may not start again. I would cancel, but the May referral to ME services got lost, redone and now they want some extra blood tests and GP had to fill out the new version of their form!! This was the earliest appt when we rang middle of last week.
it would be easier to literally jump through hoops!
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