asparagusmama (asparagusmama) wrote,

English PCC elections today

Is anyone on on here voting? My Granddad, who as many of you know, has spent his whole life serving the community and committed to democracy, is not voting as he thinks its a sham. I've just looked at the candidates here in the Thames Valley and the only one talking sense in terms of opposing privatization and outsourcing as well as protecting front line services and community policing is the UKIP candidate and - um, ergh!

I believe in always voting - it is our best guarantee of freedom, but um, we've had no information from any of the candidates or much in the way of explanation about these elections from the media. In the meantime this Con-Dem govt has cut expenditure so much and is privatizing so much and what can one person who will recieve £80, 000 a year do?

So I'm in a quandary, having to chose between UKIP, spoiling my ballot paper or not voting at all!!!
Tags: angry, elections, worried
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