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A state funeral? Why? As devisive in death as in life.

Can I first say as a person with a faith i believe her judgement rests with God and she has a huge burden to carry to the Last Day. And can I secondly say, of course, her family and friends have lost someone close - in fact, they should have been allowed to arrange the funeral and say goodbye to her in peace rather than be exposed to all the devisive animosity the woman still brings.

But thirdly, in no particularly order, can I say I remember, off the top of my head: beds in hospital corridors, filth under the beds and in the cupboards in hospitals, nurses pay cut, cleaners sacked and contacts put out to tender, people dying on waiting lists: crumbling falling to bits Victorian infracstructure, 40 kids a class, three or four to a book, mass youth unemployment, training and apprenticeships cut; three million officailly unemployment, another million under 18 not allowed to claim and two million over 50s shunted onto incapacity benefit to disguise the stats (and I was a civil servant in the old dept of Employment from 1986 - 1992); riots; the poll tax; Clause 28 (homophobic legislation), the removal of support of sanctions against South African Apartheid; the attack on the right to strike and assemble and a whole host of protective rights in general for working people; homeless people, particularly homeless young people for the first time since the 1930s, rising inflation and mortgages, house repossessions and the sale of council housing and the prohibitation of building anymore affordable homes to rent: the sale of all the nations assets. bonkers privitization under the guise of competetion, in reality a carve up of regional monopolies to those who ran public services for profit. In short a woman who expressly did not believe in society and set about dismantling it, dividing the nation against itself. We still live with the legacy as blair and Brown did not have the courage to attack all she did but merely smooth over the bigger cracks to amelierate the suffering, those cracks the Conservative/Lib-Dem have been finding so easy to smash open and widen so easily and more and more weak, needy and vulnerable people fall through those cracks while ordianry people are divided against each other
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