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The Gypsies and the Almost Riot

You have probably, dear friends and journal, gathered by now I wished I could live in the counrtyside of Oxfordshire proper or in Oxford City. Drug dealers and tarts and Jeremy Kyle rejects in the neighbourhood is one thing - or more kinldy, surrounded by Jacqueline Wilson single parent families to our Cathy Cassidy one - but 11 police cars and vans and a police helicopter in the air for nearly 48 hours is a bit scary. To start of with I got all huffy and lefty and full of righteous indignation - how dare they harrass the travellers like this, and so on, but a bit of applied logic and actually, the cops were here to protect the travellers!

A few miles away, near the A34 a great new housing developent is being built - 3, 500 house spanning four parishes and two district councils which will make things are bit of a logistical nightmare but Oxford County Council is not good at long term planning. Anyhow, the travellers had been evicted from the site near the development and, Havng one of their member heavily pregnant and very ill in the heatwave made it as far as our park by the shops. They parked up as far from the playpark and skateboard park as possible, along the back by the train line. They were given leave to stay until today, Sunday, due to the health of the young women.

Enter the teens of the estate - they barricaded the made road under the rail bridge demanding that the travellers be moved on immediately.In the meantime, some more of the thickset, no neck brigade spilled out of the pub armed with sticks, etc, determined to move the travellers on. Hence the heavy police presence. I a so ashamed to even, by association of living here, be part of such an intolerant community.

The travellers left on Thursday morning. I only home the pregnant young woman was safe enough to travel and they had received news of a more secure site and not that they had been driven out by fear.
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