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The Roman Catholics did what?!!

So, we are revisiting the Winter Festivals Project we did two years ago, only with a little more analytical depth and more writing for BK, but with still all the yummy treats and art and crafts. Last time we started with Advent and St Nicholas but this time we started with Halloween. so, in researching some resources for BK to read in prep for her European background history and how it got to the US etc I found three great articles on the Celts. I'm reading one, thinking all this is good, did they have a Roman eyewitness acoount into these beliefs and practices of Samhain when I get to paragraph three...

",,,all this came to an end when the Roman Catholics invaded the Celts..."

They did what!? This was a US on-line middle school resource pack! A note at the bottom of the page apologised and said the writer had meant the Romans. But still, it made me laugh! it also had a link to the History Channel and a videa clip, and the rest was valid, but what a typo! Lol :D

While I'm talking about thie project, does any of my US friends know what a vegan American might eat for Thanksgiving? And does anyone know of other winter festivals that take place during Nov, Dec and January - I've got all the Christian European ones covered, along with Hannukah and Diwali and British stuff like Guy Fawkes and Rememberance Day (which of course is marked in most west European countires too). But are there others out there un connected to religion that people celebrate?
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