asparagusmama (asparagusmama) wrote,

bit shaken really...

I'm feeling very shaken up! As usual since they started totally rebuilding the station complete t**ts were parked all over the place so the bus has to pull in on the middle of the road. The ramp off is at an angle too steep, going into a deep pot hole filled with water. I say it is not safe and I'll stay on til Sainbury's but the driver said, 'You'll be alright and I'll help you,' but instead of going behind me to hold the handles and to slow the descent like BK would he grabs the joystick on the loom and down I go, nearly falling out, having to hold on. I try to grab control back and the joystick top snaps off (it's does this, can be snapped on). Not only am I shaken by thoughts of falling off in the muddy water or the wheelchair tipping over taking me too, but it feels like assault. If you are compos mentis but wheelchair bound and someone takes over the controls isn't the same as being grabbed and pulled where you don't want to go? Isn't it? Should I complain to the bus company?
Tags: bus, disability rights, scary, wheelchair
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