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Advent Qu'ranic verses: 1st December

When I was young, nine in fact, and I began to believe in God, privately, secretly, I came to the conclusion that in all religions there were those who worshipped God and consequently were happy to meet with anyone else who did and love people and the world and tried to kind and good and those who worshipped their religion so the rules, and words, and rituals mattered more than the love and kindness and writing all religions as other paths up the mountain. The second group cause and the pain and suffering.

So in the name of ecumenicalism and peace and understanding, surely what this season is about more than anything - peace (or salaam, or shalom even), I will try to bring a seasonal themed verse a day.

Qu'ran 3:42 The angels said, "Oh Mary, God has chosen you and purified you. He had chosen you from among all women."
Tags: advent, ecumenicalism, peace, qu'ran, tolerance, understanding
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