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Fic: The Law and Order Fairies

I don't always do angst and hurt/comfort.promise. here's something I wrote for babyklingon last year. I'm thinking of finishing it for a break from the hard case fic/SF elements/threat/undercover/relationship issues of Poisoned Minds.

Please, do let me know what you think. Dedicated to all who have come across Daisy Meadows and have read any of the 1000s of adventures that the girls and fairies find themselves in with Jack Frsot and the goblins nad have had to read them/hear read, whether with daughter, granddaugher, niece, goddaughter, child of friend, neighbour or babysitting charge... :)

Mrs Tate sighed and turned from the kitchen windows to look at the girls.

“Well, it looks like another rainy day. I’m sorry Rachel, you’ve not been able to do much this time.”

Rachel was staying with her friend Kirsty for the whole of half term. They had met a couple of years before, both on holiday on the tiny Rainspell Island, and some how they had become involved in a whole magical adventure.

“I do declare, it’s brightening up!” said Mrs Tate. “Look, a rainbow.”

Both girls rushed to the window, remembering that first adventure, rescuing the seven rainbow fairies from Jack Frost. Since then they had had countless adventures.

“It does say on the weather forecast that the rest of the week will be sunny,” promised Mrs Tate, standing behind the girls. “But as for now, how about tidying away that jigsaw and getting out of my hair – I promised your uncle I would bake lots of cakes for the police fete. Now shoo!”

Kirsty’s uncle, whom she seldom saw, was a detective inspector.


“What do we do now!” huffed Rachel, flopping down on the camp bed next to Kirsty’s. They had done all the puzzles and played all the board games in the house over the previous three days. Mr and Mrs Tate were old-fashioned parents and restricted TV, computer and Nintendo time. Normally this had never bothered Kirsty; there was always plenty to do, not to mention all the adventures and battles with Jack Frost and his wicked goblins.

“I don’t know!” wailed Kirsty.

“Well, you could try and help me find my officers,” squeaked a tiny stern voice.

Rachel and Kirsty looked at each other and smiled before looking in the direction of the voice, which was in front of the mirror on the dressing table.

Standing on the table was a tiny fairy. She looked older than most of the fairies the girls had met and worked with. She had the same grace and dignity as Queen Titania herself, dressed in a fitted purple shift dress with a lilac cardigan. Her wings, too, were purple, tipped with sparkling silver. She had high-heeled purple court shoes and her dark hair was piled on her head.

Kirsty and Rachel knelt down in front of her.

“Who are you?” Rachel asked politely. This fairy made her feel nervous and a little in awe, the way King Oberon and Titania did, although their majesties were always kind, gracious and grateful for their assistance.

“I am Jean, Chief Superintendent of all their majesties’ police force in the Fairy Kingdom. And Jack Frost has stolen my police station. I need your help to help me find all my officers, including my detectives and my pathologist. Especially my pathologist,” Jean said sternly, gazing at the girls levelly. “She’s my best friend.”

The girls looked at one another. Although they only saw each other holidays and most weekends, they couldn’t imagine not knowing where the other was, whether they were safe or not. Poor Jean.

“But first,” went on Jean, raising her wand and showering the girls with purple fairy dust, “you must come to fairyland to meet the King and Queen,” she added as the girls felt the familiar sensation of shrinking and the slight itch in their shoulder blades as they grew wings.

“We’re not really dressed for visiting,” Rachel apologized, looking sadly down at her pink pony pyjamas. It being still early morning, and feeling general sloth due to the persistent rain, neither girl had dressed yet.

“And I thought your pink trousers and top quite charming,” said Jean nicely. “And your purple dress,” she added to Kirsty, who was wearing a pale lavender nightie with a deep purple love heart on her chest. “Come on girls, with me!” And with that Jean took to the air so the girls had no option to follow suit.


The girls curtsied as gracefully as they could in front of the King and Queen of all the fairies.

“Thank you girls, for once again agreeing to be our agents in the human world,” the fairy King said graciously.

“It is so important for your world, as much, if not more, that we find theses fairies quickly,” added Queen Titania.

“Your majesty,” asked Rachel shyly. “I didn’t think that fairies would break the law.”

“Believe me Rachel, fairies can be very naughty indeed. And there are other magical people, as you know, who are far worst,” Queen Titania replied.

“But it goes much further,” went on her husband, King Oberon. “As you know from your previous times, fairies and the fairy realm has influence and effect over nature, beauty, art, music and the weather patterns of your world. Just so with Law and Order and Justice. While our little police station and its officers have little to do, they hold a balance for humanity. With the station and Jean’s people missing, the balance of power will shift: criminals will be more successful and get away with bad things more often; more humans will chose not to be police officers or stop being them; many more officers will get sick and be unable to work; some may even chose to help the bad people for money –”

“Take bribes!” said Kirsty, outraged. She could never imagine her Uncle doing such a thing.

“Indeed,” said King Oberon. “We must find the station and all its occupants as quickly as possible. And Jean, we have some sad news to tell you.”

“Three wise, old, fairies have disappeared from the fairy retirement gardens.”

Rachel and Kirsty gasped. They didn’t know there was such a thing existed; they know fairies lived for hundreds, even thousands, of years, so these retired fairies must be very old indeed.

“I see,” said Jean. “Is it connected to this case?”

Kirsty and Rachel thought that jean sounded exactly like a detective from a television show.

“I’m certain it is,” said Oberon. “The missing fairies are Max, Morse and... and...”

“And your father,” Titania completed for him gently.

Jean hid her shock well, like a proper professional police officer. Rachel and Kirsty thought she must be very brave. Already she was worried about all her officers and her best friend. “Then it certainly is connected your majesties. We must hop that the esteemed retired gentlemen fairies are somehow in my station with my officers.”

“Max was the pathologist fairy, Morse the Chief Detective Inspector fairy and dear, dear Strange, Jean’s father was Chief Superintendent of all the fairies before her,” Titania explained to the girls.

“Although,” smiled Oberon, it was a fond, sad smile, but a smile, “I always remember he wanted to be a Biscuit Fairy. Why must all the sweet fairies be girls, he asked me when we were at fairy school together. I was a prince then, when my mother Mab ruled.”


“Where do we start?” asked Kirsty, later that day. They were back to normal human size, and had built a tent in her room between the beds and were sat inside it having a picnic tea. The rain outside had become heavier, and at one point it had thundered, and then hailed.

“If law is not properly observed everything falls out of balance,” Jean said darkly at the hail bouncing off Kirsty’s trampoline in the garden.

“A whole police station - even a fairy sized one – is a very big thing to hide, isn’t it?” Rachel said, thinking.

“Everything must connect and balance in some way,” Jean said cryptically, “even Jack Frost can’t break some magical rules.”

“Tomorrow we are going to the city!” Kirsty suddenly remembered. “To my uncle’s police fete!”

“It’s worth a try,” said Rachel, doubtfully.

“It’s worth more than a try,” said Jean firmly. “It sounds like a very positive lead. Well girls, I will bid you adieu and see you in the morning.” Jean had been perched on the edge of Rachel’s plate, daintily nibbling the corner or her sandwich and the smallest piece of chocolate cake, sipping tea from a thimble. “Thank you for tea,” she added politely, standing and brushing invisible cake and breadcrumbs from her purple satin shift dress, before spreading her silver tipped purple wings and launching into the air and flying away.

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