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Farewell Cloud Factory, may you rest in peace

We didn't go to the festival vibe thing up the clumps, for one, wheeling their in the dark through single track lanes would be very dangerous, and another I'm not sure BK or Henrietta would have enough energy/battery to get there :) But we did go up to some hills nearer to us. Quite a few other people were there. We waited for over two hours in the dark and the cold and just as it grew like there was a bang and we all looked and in such a little time, two and then the last, crumbled to the ground. Then we heard the bangs and the boom of the after-shock. Some people cheered and clapped and BK and I felt like crying. She said this,

"When we were at the train station this afternoon I felt like they were sqaring their shoulders as if to say, 'right, we're ready to die' and when I saw them as it got light now it was like no one was home, they had gone to heaven already, but now I feel really, really sad for the other three as they watched their sistes die and they know it will happen to them next year and I don't think they can be so brave."

They have been in BK's life and sight since she was 10 months old, as first we were in temporary homeless accomodation in Didcot before we got the housing assocation house just in the village we've been in since she was 3. When I was a little girl everytime we drove to Oxford to shop or go to th theatre or cinema we would come through the Stokenchurch gap of the M40 and there they were, on the horizon, seeming to float in the sky. I thought it was a fairy castle in the sky.

N-Power took out an injunction a few years ago to prevent either the power stations being declared a site of historic or national interest or the land around it a nature resereve. Over the 44 years of the land being a no-man's land wildlife has thrived including several endangered moths and a very endangered newt, plus breeding pairs of several kestrals and kites. it is two miles up wind from Sutton Courtney landfill (body found there in The Remorseful Day!) so who would want to buy a house there, with it taking overspill from west London as well as Oxfordshire, who knows?

Besides, switch of the coal power, which has not been replaced yet onto the national grid, then talk about sanctions to Russia, who can just switch off the gas supply!!! The lights will go out just that little bit faster.

Farewell Didcot A. BK and I miss you on our horizon :(

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