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Fic Q&A, plus a small update for my flist

I've been inspired by fortesomniare and barcardivodka (okay stolen from!) to ask this meme

If there's anytihing anyone wants to ask about my stories on AO3, please go right ahead, and I will try to answer as honestly as possible.

all of the works, 99% Lewis here http://archiveofourown.org/users/asparagusmama/works

The main series that started as bedtime stories for my daughter here http://archiveofourown.org/series/16074

BTW, my dear, caring, wonderful friends, I am at the moment brain fogged, stressed, really ill with ME, with a babyklingon who is even more ill and sort of cut adrift from any support from my Mum (I think things are getting worse with my grandparents to be honest and she is about to crack up/collapse again, she never gives in til she has too!) This is why my inbox is full of your lovely comments and messages and every time I feel wll enough to get on the laptop and begin to reply I start to cry from exhaustion and brain fogginess. Crazy, I know, since I'm able to write about a 1000 words every few days, but I can't reply to a friend, read a book or plan a meal! Bonkers!!!! Like, Friday, I discovered I'd let my disabled parking badge expire over a month ago and I will have to reapply not renew which is harder, and with cut backs, I'm rather scared they will say no!


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Dec. 9th, 2014 11:44 pm (UTC)
*Hugs* and spoons! I'm looking forward to diving deep into your world in the next two weeks. I do have a question, though, and it's probably because I've read it and my apologies if I've forgotten: is it in your stories, that James' mother commits suicide while he's at Cambridge? If so, where did that idea come from? And if not, what do you think of that?

I'm trying to get a sense of fandom canon history from the people who created it. :-)

I hope you have fun reading the questions about your stories! I also have questions about James' childhood, but I'll save those for another time.

I have a question for BK--what was it about Hathaway that made her see him in eyeliner and makeup? (I'm not making fun here. My daughter can see him that way too, but can't see him with Robbie.)

(I hope you get your parking badge--I can't imagine how they could say no with you in a wheelchair! I now have one myself because my blasted foot hasn't healed properly and I'm back to a boot and a cane. It's pathetic that it makes me feel happy that I have a placard, y'know?)
Dec. 10th, 2014 01:45 am (UTC)
Thanks *hugs back a while* I hope you enjoy! :) No, it's not my fic, there are references all over the main fic and its companion bits in the AU that he attempted suicide twice in his first term up at Cambridge. I have seen several stories references that, I think in some way there is a split in the fandom, that James identifies with Briony (I can only imagine half of what your going through) as his Mum died/left/killed herself rather than face the possibility he was sexually abused. In all my fics James' mother is still alive and well. And as for what I think, it's an interesting theory. It's easier to have a mother who is dead than one who doesn't deal with the abuse or protect him, isn't it?

I'm intreiques now about your questions for another time, don't keep it too long,I'm hopeless with suspense (must confess to opening a Christmas parcel that arrived for m today, can never wait!)

Okay, firstly BK says she cannot see him in eyeliner and hasn't, it is eyeshadow that is there on screen, particularly in some episodes, particularly particulary The Gift of Promise. The make-up,level of make-up and colour is plotted like costume between shoots (she says). It startes in season two with badly applied mascara, which he cries off in Life Born of Fire, and progresses all the way to foundation, powder, lipgloss and sometimes eye shadow in barely there, enhance good looks/hide scar and pale eyelashes kind of way, then disappears completely by seaons 7 or 8. It was very easy for BK to accept this at 8, 9 or 10 and not necessarily connect it with sexuality (although I have known more gay men to use make-up than straight men!). My brother (who may be bi, I don't know, but he is happy with my sister-in-law) who is a meterosexual who will wear concealer and foundation on rough days to important meetings, and he has had far more discussions with BK on colour coordinating make up than me or my Mum. Plus, my step brother, in California, wears nail polish and fouindation, and against, happily married to my awesome American sister-in-law :)

I'm a bit worried about the badge as I don't have a car or even a licence, but use it when friends and family drive me somewhere. i hoep they've not tightened up eligibility. I know what you mean about happy, it's relief too, that you are taken seriously and it makes life easier. If I'm in a car I won't be in my wheelchair, unless it's a wheelchair taxi, so I need to be close to the store or theatre or wherever, with crutches, stick or walking frame.
Dec. 10th, 2014 04:58 am (UTC)
I have never really noticed the makeup - I thought it was just something people had decided on. I am def going to spend some of my upcoming xmas hols rewatching very closerly for clues......err, when my husband is not around.

ps big hugs - hope you get your ticket sorted ok.....and if I don't talk to you again this side of the big day, have a WONDERFUL christmas - that's an order!

Edited at 2014-12-10 04:59 am (UTC)
Dec. 10th, 2014 09:35 pm (UTC)
Lots have people haven't. Some people would say BK is seeing something that isn't there. But she has convinced me. i think a lot of shows, especially American shows, all the men are perfectly made up with barely there make-up to enhance their good looks rather than just powder to cut the shine, or concealer to hide the bags. Hathaway's make-up fluxuates, and no other man is wearing obviously make-up, apart from flamboyant Conan, Franco and a couple of goth boys somewhere :) Tip, for cried of mascara, LBOF, for full on mauve for one day and sparling white eyeshadow for another, the Gift of Promise, these are consistant for the 'days' regardless of locations, which would have been filmed out of sequence and even weeks apart.

Disabled parking thing on my long and terrifying to do list :) I will try my very best to have a wonderful Christmas :) And you too xx
Dec. 10th, 2014 07:01 pm (UTC)
What gave you the story idea for Poisoned Minds?

Being a fellow Oxonian, I love that the story takes in all of the city and not just the rarefied (and unrealistic) University part.
Dec. 10th, 2014 09:23 pm (UTC)
I'm been thinking about this for some time today before I answered your question as it's not so easy as some of the others I made up for my daughter.
Although chronologically it is part four of the series, it was the sixth I made up. Cold Summer and The Lower Depths, I remember distinctly lying in the dark, insisting BK did the same, that she was still and quiet, and started with images I saw in my head.
Saltless Light and Blue Autumn Love were requests for crossovers and The Counsellor.
White was a demand for a baby fic and a wedding.
Poisoned Minds is more complex. I think it was partly because BK was older and wanted a more comples plot, and also because we both wanted something that was set in real Oxford (although SF/DW elements have grown out of the orginal, told in fragmented bits, out of order, as so many of all of them were originally)
But I think mostly, as you may have gathered from some of my entries, BK's father is an addict himself (in fact one of the victims, at BK's insistence, is her father, but I won't say which one!). I liked the idea of a victim in a college being at least a twentieth and all the others being ignored, as sometimes the series gives the impression that Oxford CID and Innocent don't really care about anyone outside the University, not even the students of Brookes (my alma mater).
Also I've lived in bedsits, flatshares and even a squat in North and East Oxford even and a homeless hostel on the Iffley Road in my time In Oxford, and maybe, as they say, one should write about what one knows. I've certainly sat in many a room as a homeless, unemployed person, a civil servabt (my job before cancer gave me the opportunity to study a degree part time) and as a student, being the only straight and sober one there!
So, it's probably a case of write what you know :)
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