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Fic Q&A, plus a small update for my flist

I've been inspired by fortesomniare and barcardivodka (okay stolen from!) to ask this meme

If there's anytihing anyone wants to ask about my stories on AO3, please go right ahead, and I will try to answer as honestly as possible.

all of the works, 99% Lewis here

The main series that started as bedtime stories for my daughter here

BTW, my dear, caring, wonderful friends, I am at the moment brain fogged, stressed, really ill with ME, with a babyklingon who is even more ill and sort of cut adrift from any support from my Mum (I think things are getting worse with my grandparents to be honest and she is about to crack up/collapse again, she never gives in til she has too!) This is why my inbox is full of your lovely comments and messages and every time I feel wll enough to get on the laptop and begin to reply I start to cry from exhaustion and brain fogginess. Crazy, I know, since I'm able to write about a 1000 words every few days, but I can't reply to a friend, read a book or plan a meal! Bonkers!!!! Like, Friday, I discovered I'd let my disabled parking badge expire over a month ago and I will have to reapply not renew which is harder, and with cut backs, I'm rather scared they will say no!
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