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At last!!!

It is 0145 GMT and neither BK and I are not asleep due to ill health/pain/vertigo/delete as appropriate plus anxiety and worry. The wheelchair taxi to take us to the JR is booked for 0715 GMT!!! After all the long waits, the guesses, disagreements on possible diagnosis and transfers and generally not having a clue, being too busy to let us or the GP know, and then the consultant being seriously ill, we are off to see the 'ENT House' to hopefully figure out what is wrong with BK. What if he hasn't a clue? While making a list of all of her sympotoms I find out she has had a stabbing pain in the ear and temple all the time but has not yet mentioned it to me, the GP, register, nurse or technician during the tests!!! She didn't think it important, it was just there. NO ONE had asked her before - 'do you have a pain in your ear?' How typically autistic. I only hope as well as an expert in unexplained vertigo that this doctor knows enough about autism to not dismiss the sudden mention of pain after 15 months as a NT teen looking for attention and not take her seriously.

(my own health has been very, very poor - owlbsurfinbird - I missed your birthday :( So sorry. I hope you had a fantastic day xxx)

So please, whatever your beliefs, positive vibes, positive thoughts, good wishes, prayers, asking the universe, reiki, white spells, anything, just sent it BK's way for this morning from 0900GMT onwards. Thank you x
Tags: daughter, friends, hospital, mysterious illness, not sleeping
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