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BK's plays:

Sleeping Beauty - a modern retelling, at the Cornerstone, Didcot, as part of its Showcase. Their play is the entire second act, and BK has a bigger role than some, with some complex lines (believe me, we've been practicing them all day, there is some amazing technobabble she has to get to grips with!) Beauty is male and in a coma, can Dr Charming wake him up? When will she know she is in love with him? BK is the Student Doctor, as she is always the Nurse and never Juliet, but she prefers it that way :)

Cornerstone Box Office, £3 (£2 conc) 01235 515144 or online

BK's SOYPA show this year. not such a big role as she has been ill but everyone has worked so hard and deserved 3 full houses. Lovely theatre in medieval setting

After SOYPA there is an even bigger and more challenging role for BK at the Unicorn theatre in the daring piraratical maritine musical 'All At Sea'from GOBO on 15th July at 6.30pm.

PM me for tickets

The drama teacher and director of GOBO and Young Directions at th Cornerstone is a budding Mike Leigh and often her class creat their characters and brainstorm ideas before she goes away to write the script. she is aamzing and inspirational for these kids. She is struggling to get funding for GOBO for proper apprenticeships, but unfortuantely more and more in the UK acting is becoming something for the priveledged :(

Having said that, BK has an auditon for an agency on Sunday before all these shows! Keep her in your thoughts!

(BTW,the drama teacher A is also an extra in every Lewis seasons 1-4) we've spotted her twice, you get a really good view in The Point of Vanishing - she is the earnest short heaired student in the art class. and we've seen her on the phone behind Lewis and hathaway while they drink coffee in the Buttery's outside bit, but I can't remember where. Have a look at her in The Point of Vanishing and play spot A, it has replaced out spot Colin Dexter game :) and if anyone fancies doing BK a screen cap of her teacher she 9and I) would love it!)


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    Jun. 24th, 2015 09:54 am (UTC)
    That sounds so fabulous and I do wish I lived nearer!! Wish her - well, not good luck, because you aren't supposed to, but whatever is the correct wish!!
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