asparagusmama (asparagusmama) wrote,

spoon deficit til next year and other lacks...

Okay, so much news and updates but no spoons, so in the meantime, for my flist that love Midsomer Murders, the view from my bus stop after my big grocery shop at Waitrose: (big apoogies for my unstable, shaking hands)

When i got off the bus the Saturday before last there were buskers a week early, publising Bunkfest, and literally, in the Market Square, I tell no lie, as I got off the bus, the man with the guitar was playing and singing The Ballard of Midsomer County. We did go to Bunkfest with my Mum, brother, sister in law and niece for a while for BK's birthday, but I was too tired to take snaps and we were going to go back Sunday, but ME and vertigo and spoon lack got in the way.

News, updates and thank yous and message replies soon, I do promise, as soon as I'm able!

Tags: friends, me/cfs, midsomer, thank yous
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