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Shoes and stuff.

Now, as you may have gathered, my daughter has high functioning autism. I have also been home schooling her and she wanders around bare foot or in flip flops or wellies, hating her feet constricted. Before all this, she had awkawrd feet, wide at the front and narrow at the heel. Now, after a year of loose hippy walking about they have spread.

Many a previous year the hunt for school shoes has been a nightmare, which is why for the past few years before home schooling I'd delegated it. But my bro's on his hols and mu mum ill so...

Oh dear.

Now when you say autism and obssession, or rather, a narrow range of fixed interests, people assume: computers, star wars, star trek, doctor who, dinosaurs, cup winning football teams for the past century, trains...

What people don't think is fairies, barbies and shoes.

Yes shoes. That is high heeled, brightly coloured impossible shoes. Especially red shoes.

Okay, so in the narrow range of fixed interests you can add British detective shoes, as some may have noticed. Particulary Lewis, funnily enough.

She's also rather fond of musicals and can recite lyrics and tell you plots and year of release and the Broadway and West End versions and...

Lewis and shoes and musicals (oh she's taking up rowing! Now who is her hero, I wonder? H'm...)

Back to shoes. Black school shoes and trainers do not fit on the radar. They do not shine. They are not high. They do not vamp or camp.

Bored asperger girl = hyperactvitiy and intractability.

Awkward feet equal every shoe in the shop to try to get a fit.

And mama's in a wheelchair getting totally exhausted and embarrassed and running out of patience.

Of we went to Oxford today with mama so worried and anxious and I can only praise my daughter to the skies. Yes she was hard work, but not that much.

She was good in Clarks. And big kudos to the young girl who served us. Never, ever has anyone understood what she needed without even being told she was autistic. Using her name before each sentence so she knew she was being addressed. Short sentences, Precise instructions. Explanations on what she was doing.

My daughter doens't do laces. Well, she can, but maybe five minutes a foot. No good for PE. No velco in her size in Clarks. Of to Start Rite and again good as gold.

Phew! And skirts and calculators and lunch boxes on top of all already got. That's the school shop done.

And bleeping expensive it was too. Up to £400 on the lot!!!

So anyway, she was rewarded with a new Barbie DVD.
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