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If anyone on here in England and Wales and has any experience/an intelligent clinical eye and understanding of welfare rights and/or law please please please help us! I'll travel to meet you!

I have a date for the 20th July. it is for the first appeal, the one that is supposed to be lapsed, I don't have any evidence for it regards mobility, nor the vertigo, as I accepted their decisions on that and the outreach worker prepared another submission for the second appeal. the DWP gave me backdated award money and haven't demanded it back, and then stopped paying and haven't informed the court of anything.
I have a bundle that refers to the second appeal so I can't even tweak the submission to include mobility and vertigo as I won't have the correct page numbers.

Help! There are no organizations with funding/staff/time or Bk falls through the net being 16 not 15 or over 18!!!!
Tags: desperate, pip appeal
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