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It was okay!

Thank you everyone who has sent messages and comments of good will, and who was thinking of me today <3

BK has has enhanced rate daily living and standard rate mobilitity with her PIP. I believe this means she will qualify for extra on the child tax credit too. Which means I can continue to pay for her tutor, her therapist, taxis when she is too till to walk/take the bus and not use my own DLA, so have money to pay for prepared veg, ready meals and takeways so we can eat a bit more than mostly chips and baked beans on toast :)

Thank you again.

The downside is there is no guarantee her disabled bus pass will be replaced when it expires on her 17th birthday, and given the stress and meltdown and self-harm that went on all night before she had to catch a bus before 9am on her own last week at the fear of talking to a bus driver, of asking for the correct fair, and worst of all, dealing with money and change, she won't travle alone and lose independance is we can't somehow find a way roung this. the only way is to contact Oxfordshire City Council and see if the anxiety and stress and the fact she just will lose her independence and has enhaunced daily living and standard rate mobility with no actual physical impairment. But I'm done fighting for disabled rights for now. it can wait til the end of August.

As for my own transfer, when I was givne an indefinite award of DLA - who knows, the UNCHR has issued its report on the human rights abuses of disabled persons over the past six years, and a new govt is dealing with it, perhaps we won't have to be reassessed, those of us who had been previously given it for life!


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Jul. 20th, 2016 05:20 pm (UTC)
Great news and good that you get told immediately as I had to wait for a letter after DLA appeals. It must be the most incredible weight off your mind, not just financially, but also the acknowledgement of the difficulties you face.

There may be a bus ticket you can buy in advance for X number of journeys. A had one for school so we weren't for ever searching for change and unlike the fixed period ones it wasn't wasted if he missed a day or got a lift in. But you have a bit of real summer weather to enjoy before you need to worry about that.

So pleased for you.
Jul. 20th, 2016 06:05 pm (UTC)
excellent news! yay.

now sit bak and relax and enjoy your (hopefully not hot) summer.
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