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Being disabled in the UK sucks (but probably not as much as being European)

Got letter from DWP literally out of blue. Work Capacity Form. Did one of those when transferred to ESA and put into support group with out Atos medical. Literally no support services in south oxfordshire left apart from CAB to help. On mental or emotional spoons left at all. Can't do f all most of time. Lie in bed waiting to go to loo or make tea etc. In on bus adventures only to prevent serious stage meltdowns due to state of house and body. Make me more physically ill though. They're gonna put in in work group aren't they and leave me to slowly starve or tip over the edge and kill myself. Wish I was dead. Really do. I'm no use to BK anymore. Seizure last night made things worse for her. Except she'll be homeless without me. So have to go on somehow. But after BK's PIP I've no fight left. Why don't they just gas us and be done with it. I've no doubt a nice referendum would give them the 'mandate' no problem. Daily Mail's full of lies, hate and blame of the sick and disabled already.

Also, on the subject, last 3 times I have gone out of the house I've been the victim of low level disabled hate. Teens finding wheelchairs funny. Drunks threatening to be sick on me. Drunken idiots at 4pm finding wheelchairs funny and demanding I explain myself. 2 mins after this lot harassed me they threw rubbish and larger over a woman in a hijab with a buggy. BK has spoken to police. Sign of the times sadly.

But, as for what the Commons chose to do yesterday, despite the Lord's attempt at protection with their rejected amendments, I am disgusted. "Freedom is like air. You only miss it when it's gone." So said a democracy campaigner from Tianamen Square over 25 years ago. We're currently breathing more CO2 than oxygen. Some of us more than others. How long til we all notice we're suffocating? Human rights can't be taken away as a bargaining chip. Words cannot express how disgusted and ashamed I am with my country right now.
Tags: disabled rights, human rights, i am a proud european, need a hug and some sleep
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