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me and the homeless

In 1992 my partner and I were evicted from our bedsit because he lost his job. We found a squat and where then thrown out violently. I was on chemotherapy. From June to November we lived in his car and snuck into Brookes Uni and used the disabled toilets in the Gibbs building (then the social science building)to wash before I went to the library or lectures and he went to work. In 1990 my step dad through me out when drunk and I spent three nights on the streets and several weeks sofa surfing before we found the place we were evicted from in 1992.

In 2000 me and the baby babyklingon fled domestic violence and was also evicted from the student flat we moved into in Nov 1992 as I had to take a break from my Masters. We'd lived their so long by combination of part time degree, his degree and teacher training and my MA. We avoided B&B due to physical disability and moved into a 'stage 2' temporary homeless house'. there the council left us and forgot about us until the owner wanted his house back, and for 3 months we had no idea but we ended up in the HA we are now. For the first year every day I got up I thanked God for the home no one could take away. David Cameron's govt took that security of permanence away.

I'm mostly housebound these days. I get out into Oxford city centre away from my noisy scary neighbours rarely. These are my facebook status updates about the people I meet when I wander about the beautiful city full of dreaming spires and rough sleepers...

28th March
Talking to a sweet vulnerable homeless man. He has Huntington's. Despite this his transfer to PIP failed plus the reassessment put him into the work related group. His landlady sold his stuff while he was waiting to arrange storage. The other day his walking stick was stolen. He avoids the shelter as it has scary drunk men. I gave him my last fiver and lots of hugs. I hate what our country is becoming. There is no safety net.

Also. Another homeless guy I chat came up and asked me if I was ok and gave me a hug and a push to the bus stop as Hen is flat :)

23rd February
Gave my last twenty away today. Young woman curled up under soaked quilt sobbing silently. 'I can't survive another night. I can't cope anymore. I just want someone to treat me as if I wasn't a piece of shit'. Another woman fleeing domestic violence unable to access help coz they weren't married. Thanks to Cameron's pro marriage agenda, he abolished common law marriage recognition. There but the grace of God, a disability and a baby, went I. I have a home, food in the house (even if I get too confused to cook these days) and an overdraft limit. I wish I could do more ;-( but one woman is warm and dry for one night in the Backpackers Hostel with enough for supper and breakfast and some cake.

9th February
This morning a young homeless man was shouting and swearing. It looked as if someone had broken his bike while he slept. Everyone was ignoring him. I asked if he was okay and let him tell me his story. Usual thing. Girlfriend had drugs problems and left him. Social services wouldn't let him have his daughter and took her into care. Anxiety disorder and depression and living on the streets let to self medication. He just wanted someone to treat him as a human being. Stop. Talk. Please. It only takes a few moments.

That's for this year. I got bored before I got to 2016 ;)

On a personal update - BK saw her neurologist Tuesday after a years wait since the last appointment (and a few things like EEGs and MRIs) - she is going to refer her for memory assessments, which is needed but a foot in the door, will try to get ENT to provide more vestibular balance physio therapy as they refused and asked for her permission in a case she is presenting, a how her life is been put on hold as apparently you get kicked out of paeds at 16 but most adult services cannot be accessed until 18! Anyway, progress of sorts, as in it could be the fall down the stairs, the constant head banging from primary school, a combination of restructuring of brain/psychosomatic due to her father abusing her (and me in front of her) or all three. But she needs support and help living with it, like CBT and/or mindfulness as well as the physiotherapy, all of which she is technically too young to access...
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