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So so proud

I am so so proud of my daughter this year. Yes, she is still struggling with the perceptions difficulties, headaches and vertigo. She also suffers with all sorts of pain and injury due to the hyper mobility. But she has learnt to pace herslef and accept her limitations at such a young age. and more. so much more.

As you know, home education was not a choice, as such, but a necessity. It was about her learning to cope with life and hold down a job more than coming out of school with qualifications but as mad as a box of frogs on top of high functioning autism, ADHD and dyslexia. and that was before she fell down the stairs and we got caught up in first the nightmare of the false accusations of the social services making it hard for doctors to listen to us and then the terrible gap between adult and child neurology and ENT.

This academic year BK has
Been in a musical, a film, a radio play, interviewed on the radio about autism as well as her theatre showcase from the Arts Centre class she attends.
-She has had a Christmas job as a photographer's assistant, who was really impressed with her and was going to offer her an apprenticeship until her baby got sick and we haven't heard from her since.
-Held down a zero hours contract kind of job for over a year now, working for another disabled home eduction mum, looking after and helping teach the two little ones, especially on trips out to London and local functions.
-For Gobo theatre, not only has she been in the musical robyn Hood and dealt with a bitchy prima donna who waltzed in and took the lead role from her, she has
helped teach the little ones
helped choreograph the dances
made the props - swords and daggers, battle axes, scabbards, a split arrow by another arrow
helped make scenery
helped make and supervise the little ones make their costumes
made her own costumes, stubbornly ignoring the director and researching medieval costume to make a dress that split open to reveal the dream like tatter skirt that she also made. (I am trying to get pictures from her to share on LJ
-For Stagecoach, learnt stage management and lighting, has job as sick cover for teaching assistant, will be doing summer school teaching assistant job next in two weeks.
-has a job as a teaching assistant at the local Arts Centre. She choreographed a fight scene with the little ones that the teacher is really impressed with
-At her showcase, 2 girls dropped out 2 weeks to go so BK
re-wrote a play, adapting it for 3 parts rather than 2 and had to merge her role with another and learn the lines in 2 weeks
take on 2 more roles, scenes from Blood Brothers and Charley's Aunt. she had to have the script on stage with one and the other she essentially learnt the line back stage then went on and delivered it with conviction.
-Has a job from two weeks ago at the Arts Centre cafe, she has barrista skills and has just worked flat out 4 days in a row with no breaks at the Beer and Music festival.

I am so proud of her. I wanted to share the joy of it with my flist who have been so supportive through the home ed, which still officially continues for another year or two.
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