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Doctor Who Novel


BK really bullied me into this as I still felt it was too adult and too close to political reality to be published. but you know, email makes submissions and rejections happen over days rather than weeks. Not like the first time I tried to get published back in the 80s :)

BBC Books do not take unsolicited submissions to the New Series Adventures and have no plans to shunt the War Doctor to Twelve over to the Classic range and so aren't looking for Ten mss. Classic Series is always happy to look at unsolicited submissions, so please try, as 'you have a genuine talent'.

Big Finish rarely take unsolicited and if they do, they prefer them as audio scripts not story lines and they only do 3 Ten plays a year.

I don't have the spoons for a slog, although I have the notes from two I wrote with a friend and got as far as talking to Virgin back in the 1990s before the BBC released the Doctor Who Movie and cancelled their licence, but I have a horrible feeling that there was a verbal agreement to her keeping the copyright. Now, we lost contact and when I first started up on livejournal and facebook I found her and asked her a simple question, saying hi and asking if I was a reminder of a painful past I would not bother her again. Instead of saying yes, she marked me as spam everywhere (which, coming as it did with all the stress I was going though unsupported with BK, her father, and the education and social services) hit me really really hard and hurt like hell. But I have no way of asking her. At all :(

Still, not sure on the spoons, as writing that burned me out but it came form two sets of reoccurring dreams and I was running away from the fact that physically and mentally I am struggling with coping with day to day living, and scared for the future. I don't think I could just slog at something now. But it is worth knowing. Besides, I have Poisoned Minds to finish, and a chapter of Rare and Precious chain to write first. i thought I'd take a break from posting Lewis until after the Summer Challenge. Just look forward to reading others great works. the Lewis Challenges always give great fics :)


here is my (now) latest fan novel's first two chapters


Please, please, do let me know what you think. Or comment anyway. Words cannot express the loneliness and isolation I am feeling. For example, my daughter and I posted an appeal for help getting us some food yesterday, and on both our walls, did one person we know locally respond to say no, we can't, sorry to hear you're both ill. So, we both didn't eat. no physical or mental spoons, ME and vertigo and autism and scary neighbours draining even more spoons meant we couldn't either of us cope with the simplistic thing. We've run out of prescription bread and can't afford to buy any either, so we couldn't do the simplest thing non coeliacs can do...

(BK has gone to my Mums today for 3 days and my Mum let me with some easy meals to microwave)

Sorry for sounding pathetic. But comment anything, tell me about your life, your studies, your job, your summer/winter... Anything! Anyone still out there?


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Aug. 21st, 2017 09:46 pm (UTC)
*suggles* I'm so, so sorry, sweetie. :( I really hope your Mum's help will get the two of you back on your feet. But that sounds absolutely dreadful. :( Try to relax as much as you can while BK's over at your Mum's. xx *hugs*
Aug. 23rd, 2017 09:40 pm (UTC)
*Snuggle up tight for a while*

My Mum had one her weird wobbles today where she was really unkind to BK and insisted on taking her home a day early, then pretended she never said anything of the kind (she always does that rather than apologise, always has) so we weren't sure where we were.

I've had 2 days resting and sleeping as much as I can, but with the neighbours it's not easy, and today I've slowly started to tidy and sort the mess everywhere. I've watched silly shows, read a little, and ate a lot of easy things, like toast and salad and am generally feeling calmer, even if my head feels as if it's full of porridge and the pain and tremors in my limbs is still as bad. Sometimes feeling calmer is enough to get you through :)

I hope you are feeling better now from your own health issues

*hugs back*

Aug. 24th, 2017 02:56 pm (UTC)
*snuggles tightly and strokes hair*

My sweet, I'm so glad that your Mum tries to help, but I wished she was more consistent. :( She should know how difficult it is if the two of you need to plan with uncertainties. :(

And I can very much relate to the feeling a bit calmer again as a first step to managing to pick up the pieces. (For me it tends to be breathing troubles and managing to catch my breath again so the immediate fear of suffocating goes away again even if the thought lingers somewhere in the back, but same difference.) I really hope the breather helped both of you to get a little control back. You'd deserve so much better, but I'm still glad for every little bit your Mum can do. Whether that's making you meals or helping with BK. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets you through these dark times.

Well not really, not yet. My throat feels swollen and I have trouble swallowing which doesn't mix well with the increased phlegm production my allergies have to offer - and every time I sneeze all hell breaks loose in the affected area. But I've pulled through worse, not to worry. :)

*hugs tightly* Please always remember that you're awesome, even on days when it feels you don't have spoons for anything. What you do is still amazing.

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