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I'm finally here

And totally bewildered. Daughter and Mum currently at the Hardest Hit demo in London and they've just announced on the news that I'm going to be losing £70 a week....

I took opportunity to figure this site out while my Mum marching for me and my daughter for herself. Really, maybe a few of these politicians should try coping with severe pain and exhaustion caring unsupported for an autistic child who never sleeps. Disability premiums are there for a reason, to acknowledge the extra costs in living half as well as a normal person. Plus the reassessments for DLA do not take account of the costs of doing somethng, so the fact that the new medical will leave me bedbound for days will not be taken in to account and the assessment for my care will not take into account that a medical leaving me bedbound will leave my daughter so stressed she will be attacking me, unable to cope with the fact her mother cannot walk and look after her...

No wonder I've been ignoring the news, escaping into fanfic, reality is just too scary to comtemplate.

Rant over. Not the best first entry.

Please support the Hardest Hit Campaign
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