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Better than I could ever have hoped!

My daughter came home happy and bouncy, saying it was fun. The TA had written in the home-school dialogue book that it had been 'fun' and had participted it two classes.

She even was keen to do her homework straight away, not too stressy about not spelling correctly (as long as she can see what it is - had the TA or the class techer said this to her? Whoever did, I am grateful because this is a message I've been trying to get across for months!). Admittedly homework was RE, a spider diagram on things you think about when given the word 'religion'. Well, teach your grandmother to suck eggs (any fellow aspies out there, it means why bother teaching something to someone who has been doing it for years!)... My daughter went through a phase of watchng BBC schools Pathways of Beliefs over and over again, has been brought up in both Islam and Chritianity and a respectful awareness of other faiths so... I don't expect homework to always so happily and speedily engaged with, let's leave it there.

She had a little anxiety later on, but a hot bubble bath with a book, her anti histimine sedative and Marple on ITV3 took care of that.

This morning, breakfast in bed, dressed by mama and ready for the taxi quite keen and happy. (At breakfast she also betaed the teen version of the new chapter of Oxford Ripper for those who read my fics over on AO3)

Oh. And the Statement of Special Need arrived this morning, a lot of it actually paraphrasing my own report and all of it caling for everything I asked for a year ago at the last primary school and so so much more!!! I cannot believe it. A Statement! They are like gold dust in this county!

I really don't want to tempt fate about banging on about new beginnings too much, but... Happy :) This is happiness, this strange feeling, yes?
Tags: autism, daughters, fic, school
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