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Belated Happy and Love!

A belated Happy Christmas (or holidays or Hanukkah or whatever it is you say or celebrate, we say Christmas in the Uk, people or all minority religions, of which Christians are the biggest, as most in this godless country are agnostics or atheists or haven't really thought about it at all... but Happy Christmas can offend some of my American friends so...)

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends and will have a wonderful time partying or whatever you do to welcome the new year, and 2018 is kind to you and kind to us all.

I am poorly, and lack brain spoons and stumble about in a brain fog whilst suffering horrendous fatigue and pain you cannot imagine in every bit of me (I believe me earlobes are pain free! ;) )

That said, Christmas was peaceful. BK had the day off work and we slept til one, opened our pressies from Santa and family, then slowly, together, made the 'nut' loaf and got all the veggies and trimmings on at the right time, just in time to sit down in my bed to watch Dr Who with Christmas dinner. We crashed out after Call the Midwife... So when people say, how was your Christmas, I say quiet, but lovely. Which is true :)

Last night of the Nutcracker and the Mouse King tonight, and BK is at the wrap party, but leaving early as I need antibiotics and the earliest I could see an out of hours GP was at 9.15 (I phoned 111 at 5!) and there are no wheelchair taxis and no buses after 10 unless you walk 3 miles to Abingdon town centre and get the bus to Oxford and then the train back to Didcot... (Because to some civil servant it made sense to close Didcot out of hours and then build 4000+ new houses and make it a Garden Town...!)

Anyway, it is probably a urine infection, but I've had them go to my kidneys, I'm in agony on top of the neuro pains and muscle spasms and aches everywhere and I don't want to end up weeing blood before my own GPs are open on Tuesday!

Enough of me!

A (belated) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my flist <3

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