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Writer's Block: 9/11

Where were you?
My friend and I had been to Tescos and then stopped off at a play park for our toddlers to run like maniacs. We had just got to my house and I was ushering the girls inside to give them a snack when my friend's husband rang her to say could she put the news on, as they were on a video conference with their team in New York when everything went down.

She asked if she could put on the TV and I said go ahead, microwaving my daughter's gluten free bread and opening my friend's daughter's packet of Tesco sandwiches.

Leaving them at the kitchen table I walked into my living room to see the second plain fly into the second tower. I remember being numb with horror, it didn't seem real but it was. All those people! I actually put my hand to my mouth - not something I thought people did it real live with shock until I experienced it myself.

My first words were that they are going to blame us. I had converted to Islam at university, having a Muslim boyfriend, having become a Christian at 15 but never 'got' the Trinity. And indeed, people claiming to act for God and Islam took the blame. Three days later when a man screamed obsentites in my face and spat at my daughter in her buggy I stopped wearing the hijab. I am a single disabled mother (and a pacifist and a vegan) and did not need that.

Having studied politics at universtity, in particular, my dissertation being on Islam and democracy back in the mid nineties, maybe unlike most Westerners I was more informed, and knew of all the death and horror this group had already inflicted on their fellow Muslims in the name of their pervsersion of faith, but something of this magnitute was unimaginable until it happened. What can you compare such slaughter to? the Holocaust? The sack of Jerusalem by the Crusaders almost a 1000 years ago, when the horses were ankle deep in blood from the whole scale slaughter of men women and children, Muslim, Christian and Jew.

Anyone who truly loves God joyfully recognises others on different paths up the mountain, that there is only one God and many faiths. The one who makes an idol of his faith can be manipulated by evil people to cause horror. I pray for greater understanding, respect and unity between all People of the Book to work together to stamp out the distortions that lead to violence like that day.

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