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Imprisoned by incompetence!

I have a lovely new front door. Despite many things wrong with the properties on our street, the housing association decided to spend money on expensive looking new doors (perhaps they are selling us, lock, stock and barrel of chavs?).

It does not self lock. so, supposing the door frame and sill did not have three different height levels and was a cm lower than the path causing four painful and quick sudden bumps severely hurting my back when I go in or out of my house, and I could reach the door handle that needs to be lifted up and the lock to lock the door, I would have to go down the path, turn around, providing the neighbour hasn't boxed me in - else that would be a 90 degree turn - turn around, come back around the narrow pathway, lock door, reverse down narrow path without falling off the roughly 20-30 cm drop into the lawn or the neighbours wasteland, onto the carport, unless of course, the neighbour has blocked me in, in in case, never might all the pain and risk, I cannot do a reverse 90 degree turn in the chair. Oh, I suppose I could scratch their car or worse.

Or, in effect, I am imprisoned in my own home. they are coming on the 22nd to put in a self locking lock into the door, but are not fixing the other problems!

Meanwhile, it is six months since my stairlift broke!

And BK's PIP has been refused.

Life as a disabled person in Tory Brexit Britain just gets worse and worse!
Tags: disabled rights, moan, need a decent country, need a hug
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