asparagusmama (asparagusmama) wrote,

How to come into your home with shopping:

1/ park wheelchair in neighbours carport and hope the sister isn't there and swears at you.
2/ get out and limp to door. Knacker wrist unlocking it.
3/ slowly drag 2 of the shopping bags, one at a time, to house.
4/ sit on path and finish takeaway tea til shaking stops
5/ drag other 2 bags, one at a time, then last bag that was on your lap
6/ lie on pavement almost sleeping, too exhausted to move
7/ sit up and contemplate whether you a) try to pull heavy chair in over 4 different level door sill or b) knacker your back
8/ lie down again, as you can't sit up
9/ fetch some folded Abel and Cole boxes and lay them over door sill and drive in chair. Doesn't work. Pain intense in back.
10/ pop wrist out locking door
11/ lie on floor weeping with exhaustion and pain and the impossiblity of it and the fact they refuse to replace the door frame, only give you a self locking lock! (well, 2 and 10 sorted then, maybe)
Time to get in - 25 minutes.

Nationwide Windows and Doors 01788 224 606, coming on 22nd to replace lock but I can't make them understand the pain coming in and out is causing. Is also knackering wheelchair's suspension and the wheelchair maintenance people for Nuffield Hospital have had their funding cut, so who is going to fix her? I was supposed to get BK to take a picture and send them as I can't do smart phones as I can't do touch screens, but been too exhausted and ill (both of us). We had run out of gf bread, gf pasta, potatoes, soya milk... so I had to go out. We are £2000+ overdrawn so it is cash only for groceries so no one suggest on line shopping please!
Tags: disability, disabled rights, life in almost brexit britain
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