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How to get a stairlift when on low income

2004: Social Worker refers occupational therapist. OT assesses your need and tells housing association. Housing Association puts in stairlift (or, if in own or private property - landlord gets assessed by council, given grant, or owners get assessed, given grant. if on certain benefits, can all be done over the phone, with a click of a mouse from local govt to national govt to confirm you receive them. They can also help find company and deal direct if you need that)

2018. Stannah say it is condemned and not safe and unable to be repaired. they tell you HA keeps old ones in lock up to replace them. You make repair call to housing association. They take 3 weeks to get back to you to tell you that you need a grant to be given to them. You found OT. Get through to idiot. Make second call. Miss call back. Ring back and starts going through an entire assessment on the phone rather than get the message to the OT dealing with it. 2 months later you get assessed. you get a council letter telling you that your are provisionally not liable of costs. 1 month later Stannah comes to measure you up. 3 more months and an accountancy firm contacts you to say they are appointed by the council to verify your financial details (you get housing benefit and council tax benefit automatically each year as the same council computer talks to the DWP one to confirm you still get ESA, end off) but you say okay. you get a letter saying they are coming at 10.30 on the 20th June. they turn up at 9 am on the 13th June and bamboozle you with seven forms, take pictures of documents to prove you are in receipt of council tax benefit, housing benefit (paid by the council who 'appointed' them, ESA, DLA, rental agreements and letters from the HA (who get rent from the council directly, and they never wanted it confirmed before, they housed you with the HA when you were homeless, after all...). They come back this Monday with more forms as they had the wrong HA forms. Again at 9am. One of the forms confirms that their company gets 10% of the disabled refurbishment grant. So, my guess if this is an Oxfordshire thing and not a national thing and dear David Cameron, as PM, and next door constituency MP, has mates who own this accountancy firm, but I'm sure I'm wrong! This paperwork goes back to the council for them to decide if it is enough proof to tell them what they have known in their system since march 2003 and April 2004 (when they housed us and when we got the original stairlift) but as I actually have no rental agreement as the property has been sold on 3 times to different HAs I have no idea. Time is at least 2-3 more months to stairlift! Obviously Stannah and any other company doing any refurbishment work for disabled people must add 10% onto their quote to make sure they get the right amount, so this is certainly not about saving council tax payers money.

Welcome to the barmy world of post Cameron, almost post Brexit, Britain. A country run by Etonian idiots!
Tags: disability, disabled rights, fallen through the looking glass or down
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