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Poisoned Minds

OMG! it's finished! I never thought I would do it. Can cross that off my bucket list. al-humduillah :)

Title: Poisoned Minds
Fandom: Lewis
Pairing: Hathaway/Lewis
Rating: teen, PG-13, YA
Warnings: canon type scene of crime descriptions, post-mortem descriptions, descriptions of dead bodies, drug-taking, drug-taking of canon character, references to childhood sexual abuse and child trafficking, all in canon type ways.
Summary: Lewis comes back from leave when he and James Hathaway are almost immediately called to a body. There he meets the wrath of Hobson, as for her this is her 21st victim and not the first, as Innocent supposes...
Who is cutting Oxford's underworld of heroin with an unknown substance? And for what reason? Can Lewis and Hathaway penetrate the murky, sad, desperate world of drug addiction and hopelessness to find what and who is killing off Oxford's addicts, including the Balliol student, son of an US Congressman?
Meanwhile, will Robbie and James' new relationship survive their living so closely and intimately in so squalid a room while undercover?
Tags: fic, lewis
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