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I need help regarding my fic Poisoned Minds. I'm struggling with mental spoons, as you guys know, and may need DMCA take down notices done for me, or an explanation on what the hell this search has shown, so many businesses have my fic and quotes from it in the search...


From the sixth item, goes on for pages, with one site actually selling my work.

Help help help

moth2fic you might know what is going on with these businesses

owlbsurfinbird you were so kind to help me a few years ago

Is this why Poisoned Minds has 3 times the hits as everything else - it is often being stolen by bots and/or being used to mask dodgy stuff? Frankly, I'm scared

And I'm only on here, doing crazy searches in the early hours as I am frozen, pertrified, in a shut down, depressed, terrified, as I have been too brain foggy to do anything for my ESA reassessment, I am too brain foggy and prone to aggressive symptoms of seizures and panic to explain how ill I am to some CAB volunteer in just two hours to do the form and I am so so scared I will be taken out of the support group, and of course, I can't even attend interviews and courses and look for work, even for a week, let alone the months an appeal will take, so I will be sanctioned every week til I have zero income, lose housing benefit, lose the house, and end up on the streets with my daughter, like so many other chronically ill and disabled people are doing, especially in Oxford, or if I wasn't so scared of hell, I might kill myself asd 10,00s have since 2010 - or starve literally to death, unable to move on the streets of Oxford...

So much for distraction! Even in fan fiction there is no security and justice!


Oct. 11th, 2018 12:34 pm (UTC)
Sorry, I missed a few things last month due to fatigue, a cold and the ensuing chest infection.
I think the only thing you can do is focus on the priorities. I did the last PIP form a page at a time, but I had someone to scribe as my hand function is limited and being able to feed myself definitely takes precedence over form filling. Luckily typing with a touch screen is easier.
Unfortunately, I have no idea about the story. Can you get in touch with a moderator or similar for help?
Thinking of you, even when I don’t post, as my use of LJ has petered out.



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