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School update

Well, that was an incredibly difficult weekend.

Did I think my ME would be easier to cope with once she was settled at school? Oh, I was banking on two things: settled! And having carers.

So, the second first. having decided to get rid of the agency, who had been mucking me about with hours and people, I decided to give my other lady all the hours once she came back from Poland. The agency promised me regular people, as I need help with general tidying as well as cleaning,a nd having a daughter with high fuctioning autism, tidying her clothes and toys in the right place is essential. Plus, I think I may be a little on the spectrum myself, as I do like my plates and pans stacked properly and my clothes in the right place (I colour code my drawers and wadrobe, am I uptight or what?). Instad I got a collection of people that washed up but didn't even check the dishwsher to empty, stuff dumped in piles rather than put away and I thought, oh. this is expensive for little help so my other lady can do it all while I find a second lady to emply directly.

Huh! She comes back and,after five years, gives notice. Now, I don't blame her for one second, she and her husband have been offered live in, housekeeper and gardener in a big house, even happy to take their dog in. Now that is better than long distance lorry driving and lots of different caring and cleaning, isn't it? I'm happy for them.

But it does leave me in a difficult position of total exhaustion when I need more help!

Daughter: She came home from school Friday over stimulated and negative. Locked herself on the computer playing games, them watched her favourite Lewis episodes on shuffle then got so hyper she was on the trampoline at midnight, in the rain. Aggressive. Uncooperative. Finally got her to bed at 3.30am, asleep at 4.30am.

It turns out she is in the same chill out space at break and lunch as a physically disabled girl, the one she shares a taxi with, who is a bouncy, hyper (lovely) motormouth little girl, grabbing at her, pulling her book away or her MP3 earbuds from her ears... Now, this girl is sweet but this is not what the TAC promised. My daughter needs to shut down from all people and stimulation to cope with being in the classroom and the crowds.

Last night we were back to head banging and this morning school refusing. Coped admirably. But will I continue to have the mental and physicaly energy to continue?

Just a thought, is any body out there in cyberspace reading this know of a person in real space (coordinates Wallingford/Didcot area) looking for a cleaning/caring job? PM me with details if you do.
Tags: anxiety, autism, cleaning job offer, daughters, lewis, me/cfs, motherhood, sleepless nights, worried
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