asparagusmama (asparagusmama) wrote,

Shattered and confused

You know when you force yourself to stay awake and then you can't?

I had two blissful nights when I was asleep before 10pm and then my Mum brought my daughter home, who kept throwing herself at me, 9 stone thrown at me and hugging me to death like she was still three and so hyped up at bedtime that last night it wasn't just the sleeping she was so hyper, jmping around and pacing and.... Aaghh! then I can't sleep when finally she falls asleep through the second showing of Life Born of Fire, after she gets me to make up yet another Lewis/Hathaway story for her, this time invovling all those real life crime locations you don't get on TV: Barton, Blackbird Leys, Cowley, Cowley Road, Wood Farm, etc etc...

And now I've woken up, stressing about the situation re this government and benefits; the refusal by Oxfordshire to statement her; will she cope with mainstream school in September? will she ever get over the phobia of writing the last primary school gave her...

I want to introduce myself to the Inspector Lewis site and post my fiction but I'm so much of an old fogey and a techno phobe and more importantly, so exhausted, I can't figure it out.

Want to sleep. Want some time to myself. Want CAMHs to get back to me re: sleep meds and whether they will diagnose her with ADHD to, coz last night certainly felt like it.

And how do you not give a statement to someone with High Functioning Autism, a short term auditory memory dysfunction caused by a head injury and dyslexia who suffers acute anxiety in the classroom, who can't process what is going on and is being said and I quote 'is not behind in English providing she is given one to one TA, a laptop and a scribe'. well, doesn't she need a statement for that? Apparently not! 
Tags: autism, disability rights, inspector_lewis, lewis/hathaway, not sleeping
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