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I've joined to share some facfic I've been writing over the past year. These stories began as stories made up verbally for my daughter, who has high functioning autism, doesn’t sleep and is obsessed with Lewis. It takes 2-3 Lewis DVDs a night to keep her still and get her to sleep, so on holiday these stories I will post were made up and told by me at night, minus some of the more explicit slashier elements, totally exhausted, changing each time. Last June 2010, unsupported and not coping very well, I stormed out of the house in my wheelchair to the ring road, ready to wheel myself under a truck. Instead, I came home and began this first of the four. I’ve not written fanfic since the 1990s,where I’ve had Star Trek TOS and DS9 and Dr. Who on the net and in zines, under various names. Please be kind to me. Writing these stories down is my only time to myself, as she doesn’t sleep and I’ve been forced to home educate. She's sharing my membership, and wants her own stories posted, but as she's 11 she can't post. I will only post once I've settled in here.

UPDATE: My daughter is now at school, struggling, but they are trying to accommodate, and there is a constant dialogue and review but the fight to get her there and keep her there is exhausting. anyway, my journal has turned more into a blog of a disabled single mother's struggle to raise an autistic daughter against all odds. 90% of my fiction you will find on Archive of Our Own.

Here: http://archiveofourown.org/users/asparagusmama

Transformative Works: I’ve recently become aware of this as an option.
I would be honoured is anyone wanted to and give permission for podfic and fanart, but I do ask that you let me know when/where you've posted (so that I know!) and please credit back to the original.
For sequels and remixes I would prefer to have the option of writing those myself. Sorry. But I might be persuaded, so for those and any other transformative works I’ve not thought of please contant me via my livejournal account or leave a message in the fic in question on AO3.
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